Bathed in Dream Light Release  May 2016 

A new release with a different direction, Bathed in Dream Light, explores the sonic landscapes of jazz, art rock, and psychedelia.  Featuring Russ Lawton on Drums recorded by Warren Babson at Tony Goddess' Bang a Song studio, and completed by Dan King at home on all the other instruments plus a wonderful guest appearance by Burke Sampson on Lead Noise on Jungle, and finally finished and mastered by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, this is a thoroughly enjoyable 20 minutes of sound.  You''ll hear hints of Miles Davis, David Bowie, Christian Scott, Pink Floyd, The Cure, and more..  Available on all the usual Streaming and Download places May 23rd. 


New Release 

It's a Beautiful World (Live)

Dan King   David Brown   Dave Mattacks   Wolf Ginandes

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