Precious Stones

by The Bandit Kings

Released 2010
Victory Agents
Released 2010
Victory Agents
Double Female unison vocals lead this Alt Country Rock band with strong roots, rhythms and fabulous songwriting.
A little about the album: Recorded live at Tony Goddess' Bang-A-Song Studios, Mixed and Mastered by Dan King. Precious Stones is both a little bit country and whole lotta rock n roll. Featuring original tunes, written by Dan King, with collaborations from band mates Ann Marie and Joe Cardoza on Theads and Motorcycle.

Their first single, Show Me the Stars Tonight, combines a country twang with rolling guitar and conspiratorial song play by lead singers, Ann Marie and Renee Dupuis. Like the rest of the album, it's full of surprises and thoughtful originality. Also on the album are fan favorites The Jerker and Over, both emphasizing mean harmonies and homages to love, heart-crush, and moving on. The album is a heated mixture of Ann Marie's spin tingling raw rasp and Renee's dreamy intimate delivery fully charged on an album written by a hand that "knows its alphabet."

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