Hello!  Patreon is where I'll be documenting the progress of our new collection With Our Village.  Click the Red Link above to subscribe to Patreon and you'll see we have a wonderful group of friends and colleagues we'll be working with revealed over the coming weeks that will hopefully expand with your support (we've got some ideas;).  I'll be funding and producing to start and I plan on updating with photos, lyric previews, demos, arrangement ideas, question and answer, and of course a bit of fun.  It's a work in progress so we'll adapt as we go on what will certainly be an enjoyable ride! 

The idea is to hire as many in our music community as possible who've lost and continue to lose job opportunities every day the pandemic restrictions continue.   I’ve been privileged to create income for countless musicians, engineers, artists, designers, venue staff,  owners and producers of all kinds,  as well as my own rewards monetary and personal through being an artist/songwriter/agent.   Through Live Performance and Studio Project avenues over the last 30 years, thanks to our audience family, we've been been able to perform something new and special on a consistent basis.  Reunite with us again for your own enjoyment and the benefit of the Musicians, Studios, Artists, and ultimately the Venues as we recover and begin to safely reopen.  Thank you for the many years of patronage and hope you'll join us for this new chapter on Patreon. 
Wishing you all the best,