KBMG - The Band

KBMG are an energetic, thought provoking,  veteran Folk Rock Band who's members have recorded and performed with some of the most successful (critical and chart topping), names in rock, folk and country music, including Paul McCartney, Fairport Convention, Simon and Garfunkel, George Harrison, Roseanne Cash, Jethro Tull, Billy Joel, Elton John, Richard Thompson, Jimmy Page, Nick Drake, Julian Lennon, and many more. Led by songwriter Dan King, KBMG generate a musical engine that can scream and purr with a full dynamic range of song and lyric with soft moments and energetic highs. These four gentlemen have seen the bars, coffeehouses, clubs, stadiums, fairs, top studio sessions and theaters over their exstensive careers in the music business; they continue to be in-demand live and recording studio musicians today. David Brown's ten-year stint in the 80s during Billy Joel's heyday brought him round the globe many times over, a wall of gold and platinum and the experience of being in the top Billboard recording group for the decade. Dave Mattacks has a discography that reads like a who's who of folk, rock and pop. DM continues to enjoy accolades with Fairport Convention (Fairport's Liege and Lief voted greatest folk rock album ever) and  sold out it's 50th Anniversary Cropredy Festival in 2017, headlining Friday and Saturday night with Richard Thompson and Fairport, with more on the horizon.  It's safe to say that bassist Wolf Ginandes is the master of feel in KBMG with a deep knowledge of blues and soul music.   Ginandes is also an expert guitar and bass maker, and restorer with over 30 years experience with the Musical Instruments service center at Berklee.  The chemistry works as personified in their releases It's a Beautiful World, Blue Sky Sundown, Western Color, Light City Live, and now Live at Chianti. Their recordings and live experiences have grown into a relationship that DM describes as "not just four great musicians playing together but a real band with a strong and moving sound."    KBMG is now coming on 20 years.

Dan King

Dan King is a songwriter and performer born in Gloucester, Massachusetts.   Gloucester is a fishing city on the northern rocky shoreline of Cape Ann also famous as great escape destination for the wealthy, poets, artists, sailors,  and musicians.  His first memories of music were his fathers Chet Atkins and Glen Campbell records. Picking up the guitar at age 10 he became serious at age 14 and took lessons from local instructor/guitar maker Peter Mercurio. Berklee Professor Herb Pomeroy encouraged Dan to take music more seriously after hearing Dan play bass and guitar during a high school jazz assembly in front of the whole school of about 1200 students.  It was there that Dan learned he enjoyed performing in front of an audience.

  After High School Dan attended Harvard University and Umass Amherst,  started several bands,  played solo shows , and began to compose.  It was in San Francisco where Dan got showcase status at local open-mics and held his own weekly shows in the Lower Haight district, getting gigs by walking into places and playing tunes for food and beer. After many months  and a few cross country trips Dan ventured back east with experience and a better understanding of the music he wanted to make.  Dan entered Cove studio in Rockport, Ma. for the first time in 1995 and began recording on modern equipment to produce a CD.  

After a few demos were produced,  money backing by local indie label Rotary Records surfaced.    Nelson Bragg ( Brian Wilson, Beach Boys) filled the drum seat with Vincent Briguglio on bass and the Prolz were formed. Guitarist Mark Pelosi and drummer Dom Lentini guested as they  worked with engineers Doug Brown and Dave Henshaw.   Once in the studio the direction turned much more experimental and psychadelic with all the latest production tools at their disposal including early versions of Pro Tools.  The final product was a year and a half in the making and put out by  Rotary Records. The Prolz added guitarist Brian DeFort and drummer Pete Koeplin and for the next two years played many shows locally, both electric and acoustic, hosting an open jam every Monday at favorite local pub the Rhumb line.  Highlights included the Nemo music conference where the Prolz played at Mama Kin Music Club in Boston the same night as the owners Aerosmith performed an amazing club set of their favorite early works.  A Washington DC trip with radio interviews, record store appearances, and concerts was also a highlight.  Fell in the Pocket got radio play from Maine to DC but most importantly on Dan's favorite radio station Boston's WBCN.    A second record was Recorded at Breakwater Estate Studio by David Brown  and Produced by Grammy nominee and award winner Tom Hambridge ( Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger) in late 96' and finished in 97'. Titled INSTINCT it was the finest recording project to date with exceptionally produced gems like Beatles in my Room, Whistle Bye, and the title track Instinct recorded on Twin 24 track 2 inch tape machines through a Neve Console and Sony Nashville automated Sound Board on an estate with tennis court and private beach.  

  The next project would be even more focused on Dan's acoustic roots and turned into his first Solo effort.   Time Move Over was recorded mostly in the summer of 98' at Room 9 From Outer Space in South Boston by Ducky Carlisle with Tom Hambridge  producing again.  It was finished in late 99'. The recordings featured many friends Dan had met and worked with over the years, Nate Ricardson (John Brown's Body), Tom West (Peter Wolf), Monster Mike Welch, Mike Tucker (Arturo Sandoval), Ben Zecker (Soundtrack Production), Benny Benson (Los Sugar Kings), Dan Graziani ( The Adicts), with Hambridge on backing vocals and Prolz era veterans Kopelin,  Pelosi,  and Briguglio making appearances.   The songs were performed live with L.A musicians Graziani, Doug Forsdick, Bret McConnell, Joe Mora, as Dan King and the Mac.  Rounder records offshoot Grapeshot records picked up Time Move Over in 2000 and released it nationally in March of 2001. King appeared in New York City and Los Angeles ( the indie music awards at the famous Biltmore) to support the record.   A dream come true was seeing the  CD on the shelves at Tower Records Hollywood, a long way and many bands  later from where it all started.   Boston Radio played "Never Once" on the River which became the local home for the burgeoning alt country scene.

  During and after that big 3 year push for Time Move Over  Dan turned to producing and performing with NYC based artist Luke Temple, jumping on bass guitar.    They made a couple dozen demos and self released a few EPs before Luke got signed to Mill Pond on the west coast.   They played lot's of great NYC clubs around the upcoming Williamsburg scene including  Arlene's Grocery and the Knitting Factory.   The trips and gigs in New York City were a much needed diversion into indie rock production and influenced Dan's next album Two Kinds Of Mind.   Recorded by indie stalwart Tony Goddess (Papas Fritas, Guster) starting in spring 2001 and released spring 2003 it was the first to feature all of KBMG and friend Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio).   Two Kinds of Mind got  radio support for "After the Round".  

 Around this time Dan started rehearsing with Whoopi Goldberg for a NBC special through friend Jamie Kehoe and they put on shows at his waterfront club Captain Carlos.    Whoopi, David Brown, Michael Troy, and Craig Tramack, played a few shows over the years before Whoopi went full time on The View.  Highlights include jamming onstage doing Stones and Beatles tunes with Robin Williams and Goldberg for Whoopi's 50th birthday at New York's Cutting Room in 2005.   Another fond memory  being  at Cornell U. in upstate New York at the famous field Barton Hall field house where the Grateful Dead's Cornell 77 was recorded.   Dan remembers sound checking that day while he listened to that famous room's reverberation coming back at him.  Lastly, a  big dream come true  was when Whoopi brought Dan backstage to Keith Richard's dressing Room at Boston's Fenway Park where he met Keith, Ron Wood, Bobby Keys, Blondie Chaplin, who were  Dan's childhood musical heroes.   

 Solo Recording projects included drummer James Cohen( Ryan Montbleau) and old friend Burke Sampson (Caleb Stine and the Brakemen) which were done in Boston with Dave Minehan (The Neighborhoods, The Replacements ) at Wooly Mammoth studio, and with Andrew Mazzone at High n Dry studio (Mark Sandman, Morphine) in Cambridge, featuring Lawton, Ginandes, and Dana Colley on saxophone (Morphine).  More recent Solo efforts outside KBMG with Lawton on Drums include In the Sun and Bathed in Dream Light featuring Sampson and Tucker on Sax.  In 2018 Dan recorded his first Solo acoustic collection You're Not Alone featuring KBMG live favorite Closing Time Dear.

 Dan also co-wrote and performed in the original performance art piece "Big Top Road" with co-creators artist Jon Sarkin and director Ian McColl and continues to perform with Sarkin for his show The Unchained Brain recently featured at Worcester Art Museum and Boston's HUB fest sponsored by Boston Globe, MIT, and Harvard.  Sarkin has provided the artwork for a few releases.  

Other successes were achieved with The Bandit Kings (Renee Dupuis, AnnMarie Clark, Joe Cardoza, Dennis Monagle) as a writer, producer, and performer which put Dan's songs on the Loft Sirius XM with Meg Griffin's special Having Words with Meg and in rotation,  plus a couple fabulous trips for gigs in LA at the famous Mint and Molly Malones.    Always keeping busy Dan plays bass locally in the strictly fun Reggae outfit Glostafarians and the 80's retro band Safety 80s.  Last summer's 2019 big highlight dream come true was being invited onstage to help sing Meet on the Ledge and conclude Fairport Conventions Cropredy Festival in Oxfordshire, England in front of over 20,000 with many thanks to DM and Caron for making that happen.    Concluding, it is certainly  KBMG that has been the main focus for Dan's original material,  see above, but forever thankful to all the other projects that help influence, give respite,  fun diversion, and all in all help the art move forward.     Lastly but not in all the least, Dan lives with his wife , four children, and extended family,  in Massachusetts.