Another Season, Last Waltz, Jazz and Soul

It's been a while since I got down to this page. The summer brought all kinds of action straight into the fall and the list just keeps growing. Capt. Carlos outdoor stage kept me deep in the woods of jazz, blues, reggae, pop, caberat, americana, funk, you name it. So many great nights under the stars, more than ever before. Glostafarians played to their biggest crowd ever this last fiesta. Elephant House post labor CD release party overcame all expectations. The bluesfest moved to july, we added lots of Saturday afternoon shows, Nancy H. alternated her boys every monday. Close to Home on Halloween and even a bit of comedy to keep us laughing. The crowds were overwhelming, I'm tired just thinking about it. Thank You. I'm still working on that studio record which keeps getting better all the time. We decided not to rush it. I'm so glad we didn't put it out earlier. Willie Alexander just got added to the list of fanstasic musicians and souls whose influence I am forever indebted by adding some piano work. David Brown, Wolf Ginandes , Dave Mattacks and I are still in constant contact, keeping our residency at Jalepeno's in gloucester on tuesday nights, trying new songs, refurbishing old ones, and having fun discussions on music, art, and whatever else makes us tick. Also, I'm back on mondays at the Rhumbline with the House band running their Jam session into it's 12th year. My how the time flies! Upcoming- A celebration of THE LAST WALTZ at the WEST END THEATER. We've got a large cast (over 30 ) of artists and musicians inlcuding old friends Russ Lawton and Tony Goddess bringing that majorly influential concert and film into 30 years. So on Saturday Nov. 24th join us for a memorable night of celebration, fun, and music. One last note, you can nurse your body and soul on Sundays down Elliots at the Blackburn with the likes of Henri Smith and Marty Rowan starting Nov. 18th from 12-3pm this winter. See you there for the Chicken n Waffles!

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