KBMG Live at Chianti Release Coming Sept/Oct

Well, the product is in transit, the parties are booked, and we can't wait to share it with you! 


here's the credits to see what we've done

all songs written by dan King except  No Expectations*Jagger/Richards and Sweet Jane** by lou Reed

these songs were recorded { warts an' all } at Chianti restaurant , beverly, massachusetts over the winter of '16 / '17 by david Brown. 

they were mixed by tom Dube.

rick Ashley took the photographs

art design by dan King with dave Mattacks

 KBMG would like to give a big 'thank you' to rich Marino, keith Kinne & dawn Mineo at Chianti, Amanda King for production hospitality  - & Everyone who comes out to hear & see us. 

the band would also like to thank Jalapenos restaurant { gloucester, ma }, ...

{ we know all bands say this , but - really - play this cd loud ! 

dan King Thanks my lovely wife Amanda and kids, my bandmates,  my my folks, my friends, and all those standing reservations keeping us going on 14 years!  and lastly the makers at Fender, Gibson, Ernie Ball, Shure, Ibanez, Boss, Dunlop, Acoustic, Apple, Universal Audio, Boston Acoustic, Dynaudio, Beyer Dynamic, Mogami for the tools of the trade

david Brown Thanks to my lovely wife Kathy Brown for her support through all the odd hours musicians can have any time of the week.

Michael Linberg for a hand in musical ear  line checks , test mixes all on a week night.  John Keegan for the gear and expertise!

Di adario strings, Ernie Ball volume pedals, Peavey amps

Last but not least ,my band mates who helped and pitched in with the extra hour set ups, loading , loaning gear and giving it all the old good spirited try to document a few moments at this cool club in Beverly Ma known as Chiantis!

I'll be honest ...there were a few moments when i said ''What was i thinking''?  Trying to record ourselves to save costs is a more daunting task then one might think....a certain amount of pain was involved ,but could not have pulled it off without the help as described...Hope you all enjoy.} 

dave Mattacks thanks caron - especially for consistently helping 'muster-the-troops' to beverly {!} , dan, dave & wolf for being fab Zildjian , Yamaha , Evans , Pro-Mark , LP , Protection Racket & Drum Dots. !

Wolf Ginandes  thanks everyone who makes this all possible and those who come out every week to hear us play.