New Solo Acoustic

Life gets busy sometimes and this last year I changed homes, my new home needing lots of TLC, plus my usual recording buddies got busy with tours, making time quite limited.  I'd started making demos with loops, overdubs, etc.. as I was excited about the new batch of songs I had saved but then an overcoming feeling of me doing the usual routine along with a busy performance season on the horizon made me change direction.  I wanted to get these songs out while they still represented the time in which they were written all within the last year.  I had the realization that these songs could stand up on their own with some extra effort so I went back and worked on them away from the recording desk, finally deciding to go back to basics and get the immediacy and raw aesthetic of Early Folk and Blues.   The results are this album of solo acoustic versions recorded on two microphones over two days in March of 2018.   If the title  You're Not Alone seems ironic for a solo album, my reasoning is all the influences, past experiences, with all the fantastic musicians, producers, engineers, fans and friends I've been blessed to work with were with me. Their presence lasts and I can hear their parts.  Maybe you can too.