Go West!!

News Update for FALL 2012!

Moving!!  Yes, it's true.  I'm moving to the West Coast Janurary 2013, but don't fret (pun intended) I'll be back for the summer to perform around the North Shore and beyond. 

 Speaking of North Shore check Jared Charney's moody picture of me in North Shore Magazine's great Rock photo spread in the Press/Reviews section!  Also included are Dave Mattacks, Willie Alexander, What Time Is It Mr. Fox?, Preacher Jack and more..  

KBMG Performances are updated including The Bandit Kings and SAFTEY 80s so make sure you go out and have some fun with me before I leave!

New Records by KBMG and Bandit Kings are in session for December Releases plus a few extra fun singles are in the works.

So many songs to finish, so little time, but you're going to be very pleased with the results.   I've set up the home studio (while the lady is already out west) plus some mixing time at Bang A Song with Tony Goddess to finish the job. 

Many thanks to those who pledged at Indie Go Go for the Bandit Kings, those who continue to support the Open Jam at The Rhumbline, Acoustic Tuesdays at Jalapeños, Safety 80s, Last Sunday Open Mic,  Glostafarians and all the other shows we play!  It's been the pleasure of my life to do so much music around the North Shore for the last 20 years and really appreciate you're continued support in my decision on taking a new adventure.

 All The Best, 


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