Been a real busy spring and I seem to keep my head wrapped up in a lot of projects but the news is official and my whole back catalog is now available worldwide for cd purchase and downloads for the first time. I've worked with a few record companies over the years and have had some of my cds in stores nationally and some records available digitally but never consolidated like this and it's a relief! Big sigh let out as I move forward with the new material. Tony Goddess and I have been working together on the tracks and they just keep getting better so we're in no hurry for release though I will say the fall is looking good. We plan on releasing a couple of cool finished tracks over summer. Julie Dougherty, Evangeline King, and Willie Alexander have all added backing vocals, I've recut most of the lead vocals with Tony engineering and Dave Brown producing and all kinds of new style mixes keep arising. It's all very exciting to see the progress from what was already a good record to what could be my best ever! The last step is to record three acoustic style new tracks that have fast become live favorites. Bluesky Sundown, Senorita del Sol, and Laredo. So watch out because I'll be dropping the first release soon! In the meantime check out those Prolz records, Ragtag Lost , and Rabbit, all available together for the first time on digital download and cd. See what we were doing back in the 90's and early 2000's, might make you smile. Best, DK Dan King.. Dan King.. Dan King..

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